Capturing The Essence

This is a beautiful woman! Right? Right! How often do we look in the mirror and instead of finding what is right with us, we immediately gravitate to what’s wrong with us. The sad thing is, we have been taught to look at things a certain way. So our perception of reality is distorted. For instance, when you pic up that magazine at the grocery store and you see a beautiful bikini ready body like Jennifer Aniston you automatically think, WOW. She looks phenomenal. And if you’re like, me you go home and eat lettuce for a week! Ok that may be a little exaggeration, but you get my point. My job as a photographer is to show you how beautiful you are as a woman. To see your professionally created photograph shows you how others see you. You can only see an image in the mirror. You can’t see yourself when you are laughing authentically, when you’re moving and your soul is oozing out of your pours. That’s my job. To capture that essence of who you are! In turn it shows you exactly who you are. A beautiful human being inside and out with much less flaws than you think you have who was created and loved by god!



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